Buying a house itself is considered a luxury in today’s world. Some of the points that people consider while purchasing a home, an apartment or a villa are: location, the square feet et cetera. There is often a debate over whether buying an independent house is better or a villa. Let us first understand the difference between an independent house and a villa.

An independent house is usually built on land bought by the owner and designed according to the owner’s requests. A villa, although similar to an independent house, has a few more amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool et cetera.

As we have understood the difference between an independent house and a villa, let us go through the aspects of which is a better investment- a villa or an independent house.

Independent House:

  • Has to be designed by the owner
  • Usually has a common wall
  • Maintenance of the house is on the owner
  • Has individual entry


  •  The floor plan of a villa is fixed
  • Has a separate compound wall
  • Mostly constructed in a gated community
  • Luxurious in design
  • More Privacy
  • Has a common gate for entry

To sum it up, Villas are preferable for those who are looking for community based living and are fine with similarly planned houses. Independent houses on the other hand are preferable for those who like to have their house built according to their own liking.

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