Surrounded by lush greenery, in the heart of mother nature, our is a signature feature at Prajay Treetops. In our quest for development, we don’t leave behind the concept of sustainable living. 

The luxury villas at Prajay treetops are a blend of traditional elements and modern architecture, designed to suit the taste of the residents. The elegant terracotta jali stands out against the clean white facade. Terracotta as a building material is ideal for tropical climates. It is the oldest known versatile building material that has lasted for centuries sustaining its value and utility.

At Prajay, we have borne in mind the rather harsh summers of Hyderabad. The jali not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose of natural ventilation by filtering out the evening heat. It also lets in light, hereby illuminating the place without the need for artificial lights. 

The villas are also equipped with solar chimneys that cool the floor during the scorching summer. The pleasing green pocket keeps the surrounding areas cool too. Solar panels generate electricity and one does not have to worry about big bills and power cuts during summers. 

Utilizing techniques like jalis to filter the sun out, let the heat out and the use of solar panels is proof enough that Prajay Treetops is in sync with nature and sustainable living. 

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